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Band Heaters TEN24

Band Heaters

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Strip Heaters TEN24

Strip Heaters

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Cartridge Heaters TEN24

Cartridge Heaters

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Hot Runner Heaters TEN24

Hot Runner Heaters

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Tubular Heating Elements TEN24

Tubular Heating Elements

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Ceramic Bobbin Heaters TEN24

Ceramic Bobbin Heaters

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About us

TEN24 is a manufacturer of industrial heaters for various equipment, such as injection molding machines, hot runner systems, extruders, polymer granulators, molds, vacuum and thermoforming machines, industrial and domestic water heaters, galvanizing baths and much more.

We use only the best quality materials from leading manufacturers in Europe, so our heating elements are only of excellent quality. We can produce for you any type of industrial heaters with the characteristics you need. Production terms and the price of heaters will please you.

Call us right now at +38 093 019-60-61, +38 050 995-25-81 or fill out the application form for the heaters you need on the website. You can also place an order in a letter to the email address

The production facilities of the enterprise are located in Ukraine in the Kiev and Odessa regions, but we deliver to all European countries: Germany, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Romania, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and others.

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